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Tea Time with Tajuana

Dec 8, 2019

Wife, mama and entrepreneur Trish Blackwell

  • SAHWM - Challenges and blessings
  • The Confidence Podcast
  • How Trish deals with comparison as a mama and
  • Trish's passion for helping all women find and use their greatest strength - confidence

Trish on IG: @trish_blackwell

The Confidence Podcast:

Dec 1, 2019

Tajuana sits down with mama, wife, photographer and entrepreneur Lizzy Pyles

  • Lizzy's journey to motherhood
  • What becoming a mother at a young age taught Lizzy
  • Photography
  • SAHM, SAHWM and working mama - Lizzy has been on all sides
  • What self-care means to Lizzy

Lizzy on IG: @laylabugphotography

Lizzy's website:

Nov 17, 2019

Wife, mama, writer and attorney Candace Alnaji

  • Candace's journey to motherhood
  • SAHM, Working mom outside of the house and SAHM working mom - the challenges and blessings of each
  • The Mom At Law
  • Juggling motherhood, working and staying grounded

Candace on IG: @themomatlaw

Candace's Blog:

Nov 10, 2019

On this week's episode Tajuana sits down with mama and wife Danielle Adams

  • Danielle's journey to motherhood
  • The challenges and blessings of being a SAHM with/without family around
  • What self-care means to Danielle and
  • How making time for yourself is the best gift you can give your children

Danielle on IG:...

Nov 3, 2019

On this week's episode of Tea Time with Tajuana, Tajuana does a solo episode 

  • Tajuana shares her journey thus far of motherhood - 3 months in

Tajuana on IG: @teatime.tajuana

Turn the Paige Journals: